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Advertising: How The Internet Stacks Up Against Tampa Radio

Here's a quiz for Tampa Bay small business owners:

Which of these online sites reach more adults each month than Tampa Bay radio stations: Google? Netflix? ESPN? YouTube? Twitter Facebook?

The answer may surprise you.

Radio reaches more adult consumers every month than all websites and apps. This is critical information for Tampa Bay business owners to knows to be able to choose the best way to advertise their goods and services.

The number one media characteristic that contributes to the success of an advertising campaign is reach. This is a measure of how many different people are exposed to an advertiser's message.

According to a study by Nielsen, reach was responsible for 22% of the sales increases generated by an advertising campaign. Reach proved more important than branding, targeting, and recency.

In the year, 2000, Tampa radio reached over 90% of all adult consumers every week. This, of course, was a time before most digital diversions like Facebook, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, iPods, iPads, Snapchat, eBay, Reddit, and Instagram even existed.

Last week, just like in 2000, more than 90% of consumers listened to a Tampa radio station. This translates to 2,193,604 adults of all ages. Each tuned-in for nearly for two-hours per day. The current abundance of digital media has had little effect on the reach of AM/FM radio.

Here's how the reach of AM/FM radio stacks up against digital media.

Unlike many forms of online activity, Tampa radio stations reach consumers of every age including teens, milennials, and boomers.

% of Age Groups Reached Each Week By Tampa Radio

Regardless of the goods and service a business sells, local radio reaches more of the consumers that advertisers covet. Affluent. Educated. Good Jobs. Kids at Home. Ready to Buy.

Below is a comparison between the weekly reach of Tampa radio stations and the most visited websites in the most active online categories each month: search, social, shopping, and video.

Digital advertising should be a part of every small business owner's marketing plans. It is estimated, after all, that 88% of consumers research stores and products online before they make a purchase.

Advertising on Tampa radio, though, is the best way, to ensure the most number of consumers are reached. Remember, reach drives sales.

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